Why I Should Using Hijab?

Why I Should Using Hijab? Hi loyal readers of Firmanzy.com How are you today? I wish good healthy wal'afiat both physical and spiritual. Previously, this time I will discuss more to women huh yes but even though I'm a Man is not wrong to discuss this? For a lot of people who always ask like this, Why do I have to be hijab? , why do I have to veil? , why the hell should wrap all parts of our aurat? the purpose of wrapping here yes cover it yes. There are even people who say why should berhijab while his heart ga dihijab? or what is important is his heart once in Hijab before it is out. So this is something that is wrong and not according to I personally but wrong in terms of understanding of this person against his Religion that requires to Berhijab . Why is it wrong to say "His heart was first dihijabi" yes clearly wrong dong because in the Qur'an already listed:

Qur'an Surat Al Baqarah Verses: 7 
 God has locked their hearts and hearing, and their visions are closed. And for them a very severe punishment.
The meaning of the verse is Allah has covered their hearts who "them" is meant? Of course the answer is a person who kufr. Here in Tafseer Jalalayn: 
 (God locked their hearts shut) to close their hearts so they could not be entered by goodness (even though their hearing) means that their hearing devices or sources are locked so that they do not benefit from the truth they receive (whereas their vision is closed ) with a cover that covers them so that they can not see the truth (and for them a great punishment) that is heavy again anyway. Against the hypocrites are revealed.
It is clear that covering the heart's "hijab" is not a good thing. And the truth is to cover the head with a hijab and open the heart so hidayah enter. Do not overturn this understanding karen fatal also kalo to misunderstand this.
So if there are friends / others who say "the importance of his heart first dihijabi" do not hesitate to comment directly that the understanding is false. Continue to the discussion Why should I get hijacked? simple answer, just answer let me clean if sterile if for example food. So why is it like food? Think if the food is not wrapped? with a nice and sterile package what is it mandatory? Of course the answer is mandatory in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the food the package can be a protector of various dangers such as exposure to germs and so on.So what to do with Women Shriveled ? So this way if the woman is pronounced her head and her nakedness would make her safer, because with her aurat she can keep away from slander, look more protected from various dangers such as sexual harassment and so forth. Besides likened to food, woman can likened also like letter of invitation, more open then that look feels invite (in one of study Event Effendi) The slang is not that often show off aurat. Besides Allah also said directly in the Qur'an letter Al A'raf Verse 26:
 Son of Adam, We have sent down your garments to cover your nakedness and beautiful garments for jewelry. And taqwa clothes are the best. That is a partial sign of God's power. Hopefully they always remember.
In the verse it says "And the garments of piety are the best" Taqwa is to follow what He commanded and to abstain from His restrictions. And what kind of clothing is meant? The explanation is in QS Al Ahzab Verse 59
 O Prophet, say to your wives, your daughters and the wives of the believers: "Let them stretch out their veils all over their bodies". That is so that they are easier to recognize, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
In fact, Hijab or hijab or hijab is also required by the Bible. Although this is not new, it is in the Gospel
Exactly: (here is given further to be clear)
1 Corinthians 11: 5 But every woman who prays or prophesies without a head is barred, insulting her head, for she is like a woman who has hair shaved off.
11: 6 For if a woman will not cover her head, she must cut off her hair. But if for women is an affront, that her hair is cut or sheared, then she must cover her head.
11: 7 For a man does not need to cover his head, he shines the image and glory of God. But women shine the glory of men.
11: 8 For man is not from woman, but woman is male.
11: 9 And men were not created for women, but women were created for men.
11:10 Therefore, the woman must wear a sign of authority on her head, because of the angels.
11:11 However, in the Lord there is no woman without man and no man without woman.
11:12 For just as the woman is of the male, so also the male is born by the woman; and everything comes from God.
11:13 Consider it yourself: Is it proper for women to pray to God with their heads not hooded? 
To make sure ( Please check )
So the conclusion is that a good and righteous Berhijab according to the command of Allah is an obligation for Muslim women and Christians Because it is already in the Book of each. Please give a positive comment and do not forget to follow this site.
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