Love Yourself Before Loving Others

Love Yourself Before Loving Others
Every human being sometimes thinks of impossible things that come to mind . We also often think about our appearance , and always prejudice ourselves to both prejudice and vice versa .
Various assessments of yourself appear like, for example , physical conditions . Many of the desires of each person that cause them not to be grateful for what God has bestowed upon him various opinions about themselves often appear when they are alone or reflecting. Maybe the anxiety that arises can be caused by loss of confidence.
There are a number of possible factors that cause our loss of self-confidence and gratitude which of course will damage ourselves mentally for example: My skin is very pale. My hair is too curly , I wish I was taller. I hope I have a charming face , etc. related to the personal desires of each person that causes mental decline .
Then we can also argue how could I not want to be a better version of myself now? And who doesn't want to be a better version of themselves?
To be better, it is not difficult, the key is to try and try and stay consistent with the efforts made no matter how God does not sleep, God sees what we are trying to change ourselves for the better. Except for a better version that does not allow it to change what God gives.
There are things about ourselves that we cannot change; who we are and what makes us look different. And being obsessed with those things, makes us lose the happiness we should have .
I want to motivate you today to be a better version of yourself, but not physically, but mentally. Choose to love who you are today. Every time you think of something negative about yourself, change it to be positive !
Minder with the weight he has, feels less confident with the body shape he has and so on.
Example :
 How can I be thinner
 How to make this body become more filled (fat)
 How can I be as high as possible

Become better by loving yourself. And enjoy it all so that you feel happy with your life . Ignore the words of others for the sake of life which is the personal right of everyone. Love yourself before loving others, because that is the key to happiness that is your right. Maybe many proverbs say I love God and his Messenger more than I love myself. Yes, for this matter it may be true because Allah and the Apostle are something that must be loved more because these two things are indeed obligatory for us to love first, even Love They already exist before we are present in this World

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