The Cause of Achievement

The Cause of Achievement
When you think about it, there are very few who can stop anyone from being   high achievers. OK, some have better education than others, some have good luck, but if someone really sets their mind on something and goes for it, then almost anything is possible. What really sets people apart from high achievers   is their mind. First, they really want to achieve and secondly, they live their lives with a set of rules that will help accelerate their achievement. If you see some billionaires, successful politicians or world figures, you tend to see that they follow most, if not all, of 12 life lessons and life policies to help them get on top of them:They are carefully arranged
Look at the high achievers in your home or office and you will find everything in his designated residence and there is no chaos and chaos. They are governed by circumstances, but they also have a practical purpose - they value their precious time and they do not want to waste it on something.
2.   Talk less, listen more. 
High achievers know how to "tame" their tongues, they usually hear more than talk, they only talk when they have something important and important to say, and not just to fill in the uncomfortable silence.
3.   They love to learn and learn to love it
One of the rules of living high achievers to live is that they never stop learning something new. You might think that the top business people in this country will know everything there is to know about business, but you can bet that he is still a diligent reader. High achievers never assume that they all know that what needs to be known is to keep looking for good ideas that they can do on their own; a high achiever trains his brain in the study of love, because they know that knowledge is power.
4.   Healthy spirit in a healthy body
High achievers realize the importance of taking good care not only of their thoughts, but also of their bodies, because they assume that health is a treasure. They like to exercise or swim regularly, and make sure to keep their diet healthy and clean, because the factors determine their energy levels and thus they are productive.
5.     They do not do it themselves
One of the important rules of high-achieving life is - don't do it yourself. Athletes need a coach, a good actor who needs a director and someone who needs a business accountant, lawyer and counselor. High achievers are never afraid to seek help, especially in special places and, above all, high achievers appreciate the benefits of having a good team of people around them.
6.    They don't envy others, they have role models instead
One of the inspiring and quiet lessons in the lives of successful people is that they choose to live without envy. A high achiever can have a role model, but they don't envy anyone. Their goal is to get the things in life they want, no need to worry about other people.
7.     Even wrong decisions are better than none
Another wonderful lesson we can all learn from those who are high achievers is that they are not afraid to make decisions. Vibrant seekers in the world need not be questioned that they make their life policies that way and they work on the assumption that not making decisions is much worse than doing wrong.
8.   High achievers are known as goal-makers and plan-makers
As well as ordering neighborhood homes and offices, achieving have a mind of order. Diaries, lists, schedules ... Keep everything in order and written and they make the conscious decisions to stay in full control every day, as well as their own fate.
9.   They force themselves to the limit or pay others to encourage them
Whatever they do, work and play, high achievers will never give anything less than 110%. They live with old words: 'If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing well', and the second best is not an option for them; This is why high achievers surround themselves with coaches and mentors and pay them to push them out of their comfort zone, because this is where things can be done!
10. They don't pay attention to what other people think about them, because they are, perhaps, their most violent criticisms
Those who are high achievers believe in themselves and know that the only criticism that really matters is self-criticism. This is not to say that they are all stupid, because they tend to be their own harshest criticism, but this does not mean that they let empty rumors prevent them from their path.
11.   Do not put all the eggs in the basket
This is a very meaningful saying. One of the prudent rules of life with high achievers and successful people is - don't put all your eggs in one basket. They can go and get and risk takers, but they are always careful and weigh the risks ahead. High achievers don't risk everything on a single dice; they spread their bets to ensure that one failure is only a recession and not a complete disaster.
12.  They value honesty but do not expect it to always be accepted
Successful people know that, even if they are loyal to themselves, which is unreliable loyalty from others and when they find honest people, they are truly respected and valuable. This is a sad reflection of the human condition, but a high-achieving belief is nothing but their own.
Maybe that's just some information to set our mindset and behavior to be better and achievement.
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