Need to Self-stabilize

Need to Self-stabilize
In the mind of every human being must be tucked away the desire to get a good life partner who has a great compassion towards us and the family later. We also always wish to get the heart idol from physical, personality or behavior, nature, and more important is his heart. and from all of that our idol has it positively or well. 
The case of a mate is the secret of Allah SWT if you want the best match, then you deserve to get the best match. Why do we need to stabilize ourselves for our loved ones? Yes, because mate is something that God gives as a reflection of ourselves. If we want a mate like what you must also try to be worthy of being a mate. Because the love case is not sought but formed. It's useless if you look for a partner to the end of the world even if you don't want to stabilize yourself to get that mate. 
In the Qur'an itself, this has already been recorded precisely 
QS An Nur Verse 26 
 The mean woman is for a mean man, and a mean man is for a mean woman. And a good woman is for a good man and a good man is for a good woman.
This is proof that in His Word giving a spouse or soul mate based on the morals of His servant, that is why there is always a suggestion that everyone must improve themselves before doing God's command to marry. 
Another verse that discusses this 
QS Ar Rum Verse 21 
 And among the signs of His power is He created for you wives of your own kind, so that you may be inclined and feel at ease with him, and be made of you with love and affection. Indeed, in this way there are truly signs for the people who think.
Of the two verses it is clear that God has given orders for ourselves to stabilize ourselves for people who are worthy of love. The point is that we get a good match that matches what is expected so we need to fix ourselves first. And ask yourself is it appropriate for me to love and have it? Of course the answer is only the person who knows and of course the Almighty God.Don't worry about loneliness, better yourself but far from sin than establish relationships that provoke us and form us into sin. 
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