Learn and Move on From Our Mistakes

Learn and Move on From Our Mistakes

At times when we lie in bed wanting to sleep, but negative thoughts seem to keep creeping in our heads. Whatever it is, it's like gnawing us. We analyze it over and over and wonder why in our world do it in the same place.
We keep telling ourselves to forget it in the hope that this self-administered advice will sink in and we can finally rest. We feel less satisfied and hope we can go back and change things.Well, we can not.
However, there is a positive side to this condition. You'd better regret because you learned something and did things differently as a result. If we do not feel bad about our past mistakes, we lose the opportunity to make important adjustments in our lives. However, if we recognize it, it can be a learning moment where we can make some very important choices that will help us "do something much better" in the future.
When you stop and think about it, most of the really successful businesses change and adapt according to what they learn along the way. For example, many firms only occupy 1 field but now they start to run other fields. The same principle applies to you and me. Our lives can be "bigger and better" if we are willing to change and adapt.
So, when endless regret can result in our head bare, deal with your regret and turn it into an option that will make your life better. There is nothing we can do about the past ... but almost everything we can do about the future.

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