How to Make Life more Calm and not Stressful?

How to Make Life more Calm and not Stressful?
The most important source of stress is because we love this mortal world too much. Because humans have the nature of not being satisfied with what they have.
According to Surah Al Imran Verse 14
 Meaning: "It is made beautiful in the human view of love for what is desired, namely: women, children, wealth of gold, silver, chosen horses, cattle and fields. That is pleasure. living in the world and with Allah is a good place to return (heaven) ".
As Humans we all must have expectations or desires for our better lives. But if we are too hopeful but God, it is not a blessing that can be made, it can even be a warning for us to return to His way. So what if we are too late to realize this situation which usually causes ourselves to be stressed. To have healthy psychology, you must first balance your work and your personal life. There are several ways to keep your mental health.
Strong steps for healthy psychology

  1. Don't over-expose your life, instead of pursuing life and time, enjoy the moment by moving slowly but surely.
  2. Open innovation. Remember that every innovation you may have difficulties and convenience. Focus on how you have successfully overcome the challenges that you faced with similar challenges in the past.
  3. Don't despair of losing hope because of the dreams you made in previous years.Continue to dream and move on; but be prepared to accept whatever the outcome of what you do.
  4. Be a Man who is more useful for others, Who You Are You may be a Student, Worker, Housewife, or a leader in the Family
  5. Remember that everything you want is hidden within you. So give yourself time before the others. You have the right to be happy; love yourself; Realize yourself and judge yourself.
  6. Think about what you think or how you feel. Do several activities to refer to your brain thinking.
  7. Respect your work and whereabouts. A balanced life will reduce your stress. Pay attention to food, sleep and living arrangements. Adjust the balance between most and small everything according to your needs.
  8. Balance or even reduce your excessive expectations. Review your expectations of life, your anticipation, and your anticipation of your scope. Change your expectations that do not meet the requirements or conditions.
  9. Respect yourself in the face of small or big successes (such as traveling, getting a new hobby) Take a temporary breath and take time to socialize.
  10. Expand unique things in your life. Don't live just having one thing in your life. Life is a right offered to you, and life just to have it will bring you misery. So live to "be" not "own".Be the "person you want".
  11. Feel love. Love is not only to be loved, but to feel the happiness of love.

There are several words of the Apostle concerning this,
 Meaning: "If the world had a value as heavy as a mosquito wing in the sight of Allah, surely He would not give a single drop to infidels."
Other words;
 Meaning: "Whoever takes the world beyond his needs, then unconsciously destroys himself."
Of these two Words, the Messenger of Allah has signaled to the Ummah that we live this life naturally. Because Allah has also given birth according to the ability of His servants.
Here are some of the most important things to do when the Self begins to experience stress or lose control of yourself.
Get closer to the Creator, the Owner of the whole Universe. It is closer to God, do self-blessing, introspect, increase self-devotion, "vent" to God about all the complaints we feel, do it when alone or can be done at one third of the night. God willing, we will feel a difference, more vibrant in life, more motivated. Embed your mindset or mindset like this. We are not forever living in this world. The Purpose of Our Creation is to worship God. Learning, Working is a Support for our lives. But that worship sincerely to Him must be our priority.
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