Health Insurance & Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance
Heart disease, stroke, and cancer are just a few of the critical illnesses that bring cold to your spine when you are diagnosed. The good news is that with progress with modern medicine, many diseases that are almost always fatal can now be treated and life goes on as usual. However, in the worst case scenario, critical illness insurance helps you overcome the costs of your illness while you are being cared for and helps your loved ones not be burdened by the financial burden left by an old disease 
If you have found a way here, you must have decided that you need to buy a new insurance policy or add existing insurance. It can be a little confusing to decide what you need. So, let's discuss some of the most popular types of insurance.

Disability Insurance
One of the most popular forms of additional insurance, Disability Insurance gives you a percentage of your income as a benefit if you become disabled. You use this allowance to help expenses that are not covered by your main medical policy and to pay your household bills when you recover from a temporary disability or at the same time or a lifetime allowance in case of permanent disability.

When shopping for Life Insurance quotes, Future Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance are two of the most popular choices. Let's explain each of these:

Lifetime Insurance
When shopping for a Whole Life Insurance quote you will find that, the policy remains valid for the rest of your lifetime as long as the premium is paid. This type of life insurance also builds what is usually called the cash value that you borrow in certain circumstances after a certain period of time.

Term Life Insurance
When shopping for a Guardian Life Insurance quote, keep in mind that this insurance will protect you for a specified time just like five years. Your premium does not increase during the period of your policy, but will likely increase after the time to renew the term. Term Life Insurance does not build cash value.

Term life is generally cheaper if you are younger in age and a good starting point for safety nets for young families until you are ready to invest in insurance for life for life.


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