Loved Is An Option

Loved Is An Option
Who would not be happy with a partner? 
Who does not want to avoid the many challenges that hinder a good relationship? 
Love is not always a perfect world. Unity must be maintained and the conflict must be resolved.Unpronounceable phrase "I love you" is the guiding principle and discussed in all its variations.This yields a different love ability. A good relationship with yourself and then open relationship with a partner. In this sequence, luck appears. Old wounds must be healed if I want to love yourself. How "I do not like myself and I do not trust you on the way" to "I'm adorable and you are more beloved" is shown.
Eternal love 
Most people have many options to fall in love and who to marry. It was an advantage. we have the freedom to choose comfortable anywhere. But it also must be considered. Because of how to get started, that's the way you lie. Later, people have to survive with all the advantages and disadvantages of the decision. When the going gets tough, you think you have to decide otherwise. Some even do not decide. Because everything you say can be used against one.Why does one have to bear all the losses somebody, if one can choose each of raisins from the cake? It did not help. If you choose love, you also have to choose a man. Many love the experience of the universe is possible only if you fully connect with someone. For couples who come to me in therapy, I usually get the impression that the right people together. From the outside, it was a good decision for one another, the two personalities that fit, that relationship has clear quality. I feel sorry if I was not able to prevent separation, which I always try, because the dissolution of the relationship usually for me it did not seem necessary, if not to say wrong.So dubious decision in the middle of a public street does not mean it is wrong. If you come across obstacles that seem insurmountable, then you remember the alternative ways in which these barriers may not appear. If I decide to Carina or Elsa, then everything will be easier today. But today I have another problem which I can not foresee and will be doubtful for other reasons. Rethink your decision to your partner again. Imagine all your past lovers. Then imagine how the marriage will work with each of these potential mates. Imagine what would be the pros and cons in each of these relationships. Then you will discover why you chose your partner. Not all the exiles you have the quality you receive with your partner. First girlfriend left me at the first opportunity, while my wife has been with me for 35 years. Is not there a comparison? Close your eyes and imagine your mate. Say yes again. Yes, without ifs and buts.Yes, for all the qualities and qualities that characterize your partner. Yes to moments of love and yes to those surly. Yes to the skills and yes to weakness. Yes, for the action that you want to hug him and yes, to those in which you should avoid. The decision to make life easier. They were lying on the road. You do not have to contemplate every day how it goes. Because the decision to partner only about one thing: I love you. I also love myself.
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