Love Come to Your Life

Love Come to Your Life
Suddenly you feel it, when love enters your life.
You don't know where it came from or exactly what created it, but suddenly you detect this special feeling ... about someone in your life, or about something you did or wanted to do. You didn't find this special feeling before. Not the feeling you make, but an unexpected feeling that results from your interactions with others, your involvement with something you like to do or, in some cases, just thinking about something you "see" in your future. 

We don't choose love as we choose to buy a car or travel. Instead, love chooses us and can appear in our lives in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Love is one of the most important signals of life when we try to find what we have to do with our lives and the choices we need to get there. 

Love creates a special impulse in you and can guide you to make great sacrifices to achieve something that you consider important. Motivation that is given love can be the difference between average and extraordinary performance - the difference between average and extraordinary life. Love is indeed a miracle drug, and its presence can give you energy in a very special way. 

The challenge is to be able to recognize love when it appears and to respect what this special feeling can do in our lives. Many of our choices are very logical when we "think our way through" the life we ​​live. However, love is not always logical. It can stimulate us to go in a direction that we only understand, to devote our lives to a work that means more than money or to give our total devotion to other individuals. If we want to have a life full of joy and achievement, we must be willing to look beyond our logical moments, and, when love "works" in our lives, depends on the feelings it gives. 

This is one more thing to think about. You may have a clear goal and work hard to achieve it when love comes and tries to send you in a completely different direction. You may line up on a well-defined path, when love comes and presents new things for you. If you feel this is happening in your life, you must not make the mistake of thinking that personal goals, which are well developed even though possible, are more important than goals that you might try.Without the presence of love in building our goals, we might lead a truly good life, but still lack the special feelings and energy provided by love. 

Love will not hold you back and transport you in a new direction. Instead, love makes an effort to enter your life and do your best to direct you in a very special way. However, you can choose how you will respond to love ... whether you will follow where it leads, or just do the "better" thing.
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