How to Deal With Difficult People

How to Deal With Difficult People
Have you ever found yourself dealing with difficult people? People who are difficult to get along with or in the sense of that person is difficult in social terms? here I want to give you three strategies to deal with people who are difficult in this case. 
  1. Listen to them.
    The first thing we have to do is hear what they say, then ask them, "This is what I heard from you. Is this what you mean? "Once they know they have been heard, could they possibly change their behavior? We can only hope that their behavior can change and can be more mature, can be more caring and certainly easier to socialize.
  2. Do rare things.
    Let them know that you care. Empathize with them. Let them know, "I understand where you are from." That does not mean you agree with them, but to be there at that time tells them, no one else takes the time to go to places that are rarely visited and so on but you do, because you are not ordinary.
  3. Guide them.
    Sometimes a difficult person can project what happens to you. If you don't guide someone about how they should treat you, they will treat you unfairly. Really understand how to guide someone in the way they talk to you, how they engage with you, ensure that in very difficult situations, you can remain respectful and respectful, but not allow them to use you.
And if these methods have not been maximally successful what we can do is pray for them so that God can change them. and for ourselves do not despair with this kind of situation and continue to exemplify good social behavior towards people of this type. Why do I have to face difficult people like this? people who could be called "complicated" "riweuh" "complicated" and other similar words. maybe here God wants us who can help change them and of course God wants Dirikita to get a lesson on this. And God has spoken in His verse
QS Al Baqarah: 286
 God will not burden a person but according to the level of ability ".
In the meaning of the verse it is clear that Allah Always gives various kinds of tests that His servants can certainly pass. Therefore we are not worthy if we despair in facing various kinds of tests in this life.
Maybe that's all I can explain in terms of how to deal with difficult people. Hopefully useful, don't forget to follow this web (see the top sidebar) and don't forget to comment.

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